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The Beatles: Warman’s Records Field Guide: Values and Identification


Paperback, 512 pages

Published March 24th 2004 by Krause Publications (first published January 1st 2004)

Original Title

Warman’s Record: Field Guide (Warman’s Records Field Guide)

Edition language: english

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“Warman’s Records Field Guide” provides a handy – and attractive – way of discovering how valuable old records can be. This full color portable guide features thousands of listings, prices and hundreds of color photographs of some of the greatest and most valuable records of all time. Collectors, dealers and enthusiasts will find everything from Abba to Zappa in this fun-filled yet informative pocket guide.

Edited by record collecting guru and author Tim Neely, this field guide features information on how to collect records, what’s hot, the rarest and most valuable records, buying and selling tips and much more. Whether a novice, or more experienced collector, “Warman’s Records Field Guide” will prove to be a sound investment.


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