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Linda McCartney: A Portrait


     Author: Danny Fields

  • Language ‏ : ‎ English

  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 272 pages

  • Publishing 2001

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For over thirty years, until her tragic death from cancer in 1998, Linda McCartney was one of Danny Fields’s closest friends — a confidant in art, love, career, and men. Like virtually everyone she came into contact with, Fields was won over by this completely unpretentious woman, a person of style and substance in a milieu where artifice was the order of the day.This revealing work, which has found great success in its hardcover edition, promises to make a further impact as a trade paperback — its true market.

Featuring exclusive interviews with members of Paul and Linda’s circle of friends, Linda McCartney: A Portrait is an inside look at one of rock music’s few enduring marriages and one of its most fascinating women. This is the book for anyone who thinks they’ve read everything about the most exciting period in pop-culture history.

The book delves into:
— Linda’s innate talent with a camera and her landmark photos of late ’60s rock royalty
— her thirty-year relationship with Paul McCartney, an inspiring love story of true devotion
— the enormous hostility directed at Linda by the public and the media following her marriage to Paul
— her later careers as a musician, artist, activist, and businesswoman
— her courage in the face of mortal illness

Linda McCartney: A Portrait is an insider’s look at an epic time and a simple woman whose grace and integrity gave strength to everyone she touched.


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