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George Harrison: 1943 – 2001


Author: Adam Clayson

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George Harrison: the Quiet One
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Sanctuary Publishing LTD
Biographies & True Stories
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400 Pages

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Nineteen years after the tragic death of John Lennon, an obsessed fan attempts to take the life of George Harrison. History is seemingly repeating itself at a time when The Beatles are again at the top of the charts. Their latest album has reached the No.1 spot in over 15 countries with sales of over 2 million copies. Their Anthology book is in the bestseller’s lists and The Beatles have been voted the nation’s all-time favourite group in HMV and Channel 4’s Music of the Millennium Poll. But as Alan Clayson shows it hasn’t been easy for George Harrison: rivalries within The Beatles hardly encouraged his artistic development and George’s growth as a composer was foremost among the pressures that caused the sundering of the group – particularly when his ‘Something’ emerged with Paul McCartney’s ‘Yesterday’ as one of the most covered songs of all time. This new edition brings Harrison’s life right up to date including-the attempted murder of George by a deranged Liverpudlian, and revelations about previous death threats; his multi-million pound legal wrangles with his former co-partner in HandMade Films; his recent and forthcoming recording projects; the effect on him of The Beatles’ Anthology and the 1 album; and the rumours surrounding the future of his Henley mansion. This is the definitive biography of the ‘quiet one’ in the group.


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